MONDIS Workshop 2012

The second MONDIS external workshop was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on 20th October 2012. The workshop was titled Disappearing knowledge and it was intended for owners and managers of monuments, preservationists, restorers, conservators, researchers and students. In addition to this was aimed on workers of state or local administration.

The second workshop of MONDIS project was dedicated to the following questions and professional subjects relating to these issues. How can be documented a damage of some monument? What intervention can be chosen for the damage and what is appropriate? How was similar problem solved by others before me? These questions together with the name of workshop itself remind an urgent need of storing and sharing knowledge, experiences and craft techniques. All these are necessary for having an understanding of inception and process of the damage just as their reduction or complete elimination. 

It becomes evident that expert knowledge of monument damage is interspersed among many entities. In addition to that the field orientation is also impeded by sundry types of deteriorations and damages. That applies to experienced specialists and especially to new interested persons such as students. 

An attitude to the abovementioned matter was presented and discussed at the workshop with respect to foreign examples and personal piece of knowledge researcher as well as participants. The solution have been preparing within the MONDIS project was outlined in conclusion.


Programme and papers available 

Jiří Bláha, Pavol Ižvolt – Preparation of Slovakia monuments maitenance project based on MonumentenWacht, pdf

Jan Beránek – Methodology for documentation of structural and technical condition of monument in danger, pdf

Petr Kuneš – Use of knowledge-based systems in historic preservation, pdf

Jaroslav Valach – Representation of building damages using knowledge system, pdf

Martin Ebel – Presentation of Study depository project of  National Technical Museum (Centre for architecture, Plasy), pdf

Martin Čerňanský - Practical examples of damages in the MONDIS systém,, pdf

Petr Křemen, Miroslav Blaško – Information technology in the MONDIS system, pdf

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