Terminology Editor

Terminology Editor is a web application designed for editing glossaries used by MONDIS system. These glossaries are structured according to the MONDIS ontology and thus reflecting semantic hierarchy of terms used in the culture heritage domain. Its scope is to manage the concepts stored in the ontology by either browsing existing terms or creating new ones. The interface is designed to support the following tasks: creation of new term by ´create new term´ button, insertion of definition(s) in the ´definition´ text field, addition of comments (e.g. limitations of the application of a specific intervention), translations to different languages and introduction of synonyms by using the ´label´ text fields, link to broader category to which the term is assigned, attachment of pictures and indication of sources of data by the ´src´ link (in the case definitions or images are taken from existing literature). Such application targets not also the MONDIS interface user community, but a wider set of individuals interested in general knowledge of cultural heritage sciences. Synonyms, quoted definitions, superior terms as well as pictures are assigned to selected term through a simple user interface. 



Terminology Editor is accessible for public in a read-only form.

Guide to the interface

Public Terminology editor interface offers read only searching of terms stored in the MONDIS system. If you want to search for a particular term just start typing in the combo box and the list of relevant terms will be shorten dynamically. The stored data are displayed in a simple form by selection of listed term. The head line shows ontological path of stored term, top boxes on the left side show all stored synonyms and translations of selected term followed by boxes displaying the term definitions and possible comments. The references of multiple definitions are accessible by clicking on scr link. All boxes are provided with small label on the right side showing the language abbreviation. On the top left side of the form there is a box with a list of broader terms according MONDIS ontology which structure is crucial to machine understanding of particular terms. By clicking on a broader term you are able to follow this structure in terminology editor. Lower box contains uploaded pictures linked to selected term and you can easily access the image information in new window by clicking on the picture. The last box shows tags linked to the term.


Expected prerequisites:
  1. Liferay 6.1.2 server up and running
  2. Maven 2 or newer installed
Before proceeding, be sure to edit following configuration file to match your environment:
  1. Compile using mvn package -P owlim -DskipTests
  2. Copy WAR file from the /target directory to Liferay autodeploy directory
  3. Insert SKOS Terminology editor portlet to any page you wish within the Liferay portal


v 1.0

v 2.0

Readonly Public Version of Terminology Editor

SKOS Terminology Editor is temporarily unavailable.