Knowledge Matrix

Knowledge Matrix interface is designed especially for non-expert users. It provides a simple visualization of the knowledge stored in the system by a matrix-like interface, in which damage types (on the vertical axis) are related to the possible interventions shown in the cells. Each row (i.e. each damage type) links to three different interventions, aimed respectively at repairing the physical damage (first column), stop the damaging mechanism producing the damage (second column) and at removing the agent performing the damaging mechanism (third column). By clicking the intervention type a pop-up window opens with further description concerning advantages of the intervention, its application and procedure, existing standards or guidelines and example pictures.  Retrieved information can be further refined by setting filters such as ´component´ and ´material´ which would narrow down the search to a subset of data referring to the selected component and material contexts.


Preview of Knowledge Matrix interface is public accessible here.

Guide to the interface

The MONDIS matrix uses table-like dynamic interface to show generalized relations of damages and their causes stored in MONDIS system according your restrictions. You can select component type and material you are interested in using two list boxes on the top of the table. You can easily browse the hierarchy of damages through two root links in the first column - Manifestation of Damage of the Component and Manifestation of Damage of the Material by clicking chosen link the table adopts more detailed information. The path of shown contents displayed next to table on the left allows you to go back in the hierarchy. You can also restrict the list of interventions, mechanism and agents you are interested in – just click on appropriate link and select the favoured terms. Multiple selection is allowed by holding Ctrl key during clicking on particular terms, the table rearranges according your selection after pressing the filter button.


Guide for the installation could be find in the README file distributed with the sources.


Public access to Knowledge Matrix

Knowledge Matrix is temporarily unavailable.